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At Annuity Alliance, we understand that finding the right annuity can seem complicated and difficult to do. When chosen carefully annuities can protect you against outliving your money and protect against stock market volatility:  features which are not available in traditional stocks or mutual funds accounts. But with this protection may come additional costs, restrictions and fees, which you must review before considering buying an annuity. Our mission is to educate investors about annuities.

With Annuity Alliance, you will have access to a national network of reputable annuity professionals who share in our mission of educating consumers and in providing unbiased information regarding annuities. We have the privilege of working with some of America’s most experienced agents. They can easily compare all the annuities among the top companies to help find the right annuity for you.

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Why choose Annuity Alliance? Hear what these people have to say about us.


“We spoke to Rick from Annuity Alliance and he was very friendly and helpful. We were worried about losing money in the stock markets and wanted peace of mind going into our retirement. Rick sent us a detailed customized report the next day with 2 annuities that best fit our needs. The service we got from Rick was exceptional. Thank you Rick.”

Nathan and Heleine R., Ohio


“I didn’t expect much when I first filled out the form but I’m glad I did. The annuity report showed 3 different annuities that were way better than the one my broker was recommending and it had lower fees too! Do yourself a favor and always get a second opinion, especially when it comes to the biggest decision in your retirement!”

Patrick T., California


“Annuities were so confusing for me and there is so much information out there. How could I possibly figure out what annuity would be best for me? Keith over at Annuity Alliance took the time to explain to me the different types of annuities and how they worked. After telling him what my goals were in retirement he recommended the perfect annuity. A year later I can sleep at night knowing my investments are absolutely safe and they continue to grow.”

Bridget L., North Carolina