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Do you want to make retirement easier?

By asking a few basic questions, you can gain a better idea of whether annuity income can help simplify your retirement finances.

How much of my retirement income do I want guaranteed?

You can customize an annuity income stream that fits your situation. It can be an additional secure income source along with any pension or Social Security benefits that you may receive.

Do I or does my spouse have a family history of longevity?

Consider the experience of your parents and grandparents. Have they lived to age 80 and beyond? Annuity income with a lifetime payment option transfers some of the financial risk of outliving your assets to an insurance company. An annuity protects against the financial side effects of living too long.

Do I look forward to the challenge of managing income over my retirement years?

Managing retirement income can be complicated. Continually monitoring expenses and making adjustments to savings and investments can be difficult and demanding (and potentially complex from a tax standpoint). It’s not a financial task that everyone enjoys. Annuity income can make that task simpler.

Do I have enough of a retirement savings “cushion” to deal with disappointing investment returns or declining interest rates?

A period of poor investment market performance or low interest rates can push even conservative retirement income projections to the edge. Fixed annuity income replaces those uncertainties with guarantees.

This article is for informational and educational purposes only. It should not be used to make a buying decision. If you would like to speak with a financial professional, please use Annuity Alliance’s contact form.