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How Is Your Annuity Doing Right Now?

As your free, educational resource, Annuity Alliance focuses most of our articles on tips for new annuity buyers who are looking for guaranteed lifetime income during their retirement years. We work to provide you with content geared around the types of annuities to help you make an educated decision about your purchase of an annuity.

However, Annuity Alliance doesn’t want to forget about our visitors who already enjoy an annuity’s benefits and use our website to learn more about their products. You could have one or multiple annuities as some people want to protect their retirement funds while others are looking to use annuities for accumulation at a better rate than bank accounts and CDs.

While you might feel good about a “set it and forget it” philosophy with your current annuities, you may want to talk to an Annuity Alliance financial professional about what your current annuities are doing based on the market conditions.

  • Are you still making the high interest rate?
  • Has the performance declined?
  • Are there better options for your money?
  • Have you accumulated a lot of premium over five or 10 years and want to place that money into another annuity?
  • Is your annuity tied into market indices with a positive performance?
  • Are there any additional benefits from a newer annuity vs. an older annuity?
  • Is your current agent/advisor providing quarterly updates about your annuity’s performance?
  • Do you know how much money is in your annuity now?

If you take some time now to ask a few of these questions, you may have the opportunity to find an annuity that will better suit your needs now vs. 10 years ago. As times have changed, annuity carriers also have adapted their products to reduce volatility and protect their clients.

Contact Annuity Alliance if you would like to connect with a financial professional to review your current annuities. It doesn’t hurt to give your annuities a second look especially since you’ve worked hard for those retirement dollars!