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Looking for a Way to Make Your Money Last to Age 100?

According to data, a person’s life expectancy in the U.S. is an average of 79 years old. These numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics can change for a male or female based on numerous characteristics and variables. However, what if you beat the odds and end up living to age 100 or more like Kirk Douglas?

Understanding how to plan for your retirement years is important. There’s not an easy solution to this equation. Life events could change your budgetary needs due to a child’s marriage, the birth of grandchildren, or even a few of those trips you’ve waited to take. Unexpected situations could drastically affect your budget – such as an out-of-the-blue heart attack or health diagnosis that may require long-term care like cancer. Do you want to be 75+ years old and need to return to the workforce?

To help you out, Annuity Alliance is sharing an article from Yahoo Finance that gives you a few ways to make money last in retirement. Actually, the article is called 100 Ways to Make Your Money Last Until You’re 100! If you do live to age 100, the article has 100 ways to get you there.

One of the top ways mentioned involves meeting with a financial advisor or insurance professional to come up with a long-term plan. If you plan on retiring at age 65, then you can start your plan much earlier in life to earmark dollars toward your retirement. If you wait until it’s too late, then you may watch the years fly without a firm plan in place.

Annuity Alliance is designed to help consumers planning for retirement by connecting them with licensed professionals who can review consumers' retirement plans and offer products, such as annuities, to contribute to their financial goals. An annuity is the only financial product that can guarantee lifetime income – even if you live to be 100! Need some professional assistance? Contact Annuity Alliance by clicking the button below and completing the form for your annuity report.

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