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Tips Before Talking or Meeting with an Annuity Professional

At Annuity Alliance, our goal involves connecting consumers looking to purchase annuity products with a financial professional who can understand their current situation and provide annuity options to make an informed decision.

Sometimes, consumers are unprepared to meet with an insurance agent or financial professional, which can cause issues during that initial meeting by giving a cloudy picture of what your current financial status is, what your future retirement plans are, and what type of annuity may be the best choice at that time.

North American Company recently posted a blog, What to do Before Meeting With a Financial Professional, which provides some guidance on how you can make that first meeting with an agent/financial professional beneficial for both parties involved.

The main points they discuss focus on these three topics:

  • Write Down Your Financial Goals: Your financial professional needs to understand your situation. Think about when you want to retire, debt or loans that need to be paid off, emergency fund, and leaving a legacy to children.
  • Gather Important Documents: Like above, these documents can paint a current picture of your finances. Bring documents like credit card statements and other monthly expenses, compensation details, insurance policies, estate planning, tax return, and other investment documentation.
  • Ask Questions: The financial professional is using this time to help you. Don't be afraid to ask a bunch of questions especially if you don't understand something.

Annuity Alliance wants you to be prepared before you meet with an agent or financial professional to discuss your retirement planning and annuities. We hope you find this North American article useful!

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