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Your COVID-19 Resources for 2022

Annuity Alliance wants to keep you informed on a lot of topics that focus on retirement planning – especially annuities – but we also know how COVID-19 continues to make an impact on our lifestyles, day-to-day tasks, and how you plan for those golden years.

The fluctuating economy does provide risks to money you’ve placed into stock market-driven retirement options. As we’ve stated before, an annuity is one of the only retirement vehicles that provides guaranteed lifetime income as you cannot lose any of your initial premium based on the claims-paying ability of the selected insurance carrier.

This week, Annuity Alliance is focusing on the bigger picture – your safety and health. With so many conflicting reports in the news and social media, Annuity Alliance has developed a list of the links below from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for informational and educational purposes only.

These pages are automatically updated by the CDC to the latest guidelines and practices. We hope you continue to stay safe as all of us adjust to the COVID-19 variants and their effect on our lives.

Annuity Alliance also works with financial professionals who can use virtual meeting platforms and e-documents to safely process your annuity applications and documentation. They can take those extra steps to minimize in-person gatherings/appointments and still provide guidance and answer questions about your retirement planning.